Committed to Quality

Pondco Liners is committed to supplying top quality products that have been subjected to the most stringent quality control procedures and have surpassed all relevant international standards. This commitment is established through a complete quality management system, harnessing the latest technologies available. Beginning with raw material sourcing, and all the way through the manufacturing process, we can ensure that the products you are purchasing will exceed all expectations and result in customer satisfaction.

Raw Material Testing Frequencies:
PropertyTesting MethodTesting FrequencyHDPE/MDPELLDPE
Melt Flow Index (g/10 min)ASTM D 1238 (190 C/2.16 Kg)Once per lot< 1.0< 1.0
Melt Flow Index (g/10 min)ASTM D 1238 (190 C/5.0 Kg)Once per lot< 2.0< 2.0
Melt Flow Index (g/10 min)ASTM D 1238 (190 C/21.6 Kg)Once per lot< 28< 23
Density (g/cm3)ASTM D 792Once per lot> 0.932> 0.915
Carbon Black ContentASTM D 4218Once per lotNote (2)Note (2)

Each roll has a unique roll number that specifies all the required information including the raw materials used. This unique number can be used to trace an individual roll from manufacturing right through to installation, and is also available on the manufacturer's warranty document, issued upon completion of a project.

Roll Testing Frequencies According to GRM 13 and GRM 17:
PropertyTesting MethodTesting Frequency
Thickness (min, average), mmASTM D 5199Every Roll
Density g/cm3 (max)ASTM D 79290,000 Kg
Tensile Properties (Both directions)ASTM D 6693, Type IV9,000 Kg
Strength at break N/mm-widthDumbell, 2 imp G.L.9,000 Kg
Elongation at break (%)50 mm9,000 Kg
Tear Resistance NASTM D 100420,000 Kg
Puncture Resistance NASTM D 483320,000 Kg
Carbon Black Content % (Range)ASTM D 42189,000 Kg
Carbon Black DispersionASTM D 559620,000 Kg
Oxidative Induction Time (OIT) Min.ASTM D 3895 (200 C, O2, 1atm)9,000 Kg
Technical Specifications:
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